My job is to say it just like you would!

Specialising in medical translation, I have gained over the years a great deal of experience in all areas related to wellness: health, beauty, lifestyle and leisure.

Be it is scientific, marketing or editorial texts, I believe having a thorough knowledge of the sector and the client’s philosophy is key to providing a quality translation, that is, using the proper terms and, above all, conveying the true essence of the product or service.

I strive to retain your style in my translation work, which means carefully reading a text, deciphering it, choosing the words that best express your ideas, objectives and strategies

Competence, accuracy and confidentiality

Are you looking for a professional translator with whom you can establish a direct working relationship based on trust? Contact me! I can guarantee you a continued quality service, personalisation and a high level of professional ethics.


Would you like to entrust the translation of your documents to a professional with a thorough understanding of terminology, solid specialised knowledge and an excellent command of terminology research tools? Contact me for a personalised quote.

Do you want to be certain the translation you requested is 100% accurate to the original text? Do you want to check its grammar, style, coherence and correspondence of meaning? Do not hesitate to contact me for this service as well.


Do you want to make sure the translation you requested doesn’t have spelling mistakes or typos before you print it? Would you like a quality check on the formatting of your translated document (page layout, word cuts, typographical styles, spacing)? Contact me!

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Medicine, pharmaceutical industry, nutraceuticals

Conventional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, dietary supplements, psychology.

Popular scientific articles, scientific publications, medical devices, clinical studies.


Face and body care, hair care, makeup, fragrances.

Press releases, advertising brochures, product catalogues, product packaging and labels, data sheets, instructions for use, websites.

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Spirituality, yoga, well-being

The art of living peacefully, taking care of your body and soul.

The philosophy of the great Eastern spiritual masters.

Tourism & Travel

Tour operators, hotels and vacation rentals, tourist offices, campgrounds, restaurants.

Press releases, advertising brochures, travel guides, websites, menus.

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Whatever the subject matter is, your documents will be translated with the utmost care.

About me

A resident of Italy since 1986, I worked for ten years as a trilingual executive secretary in a multinational company before starting my freelance translation business in 1996.

After more than 25 years in the profession, I decided to also specialise in medical translation to build a bridge between my personal and professional interests.

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